Day Lift Face Moisturizer - Sample Sachet - Pack of 6

This highly effective, natural face moisturizer contains ingredients that are clinically proven to instantly firm, and improve the look of vertical lines, wrinkles, fine lines, texture, brightness, and dehydration, while defying environmental pollutants. The anti-aging face cream also supports natural collagen production, and contains a unique, natural essential oil blend that is fresh and calming.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Performs in skins natural pH condition at around 5.5. 

PROUDLY MADE WITHOUT: Silicones, parabens, mineral oil, fragrance, colorants, lanolin, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, TEA, DEA, sulfates, PEG’s, phthalates, or propylene glycol.

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    1. CLINICALLY PROVEN: The cutting-edge, proprietary formula is vegan, natural, and fragrance-free with a carefully selected list of clinically proven anti-aging ingredients.
    2. INSTANT FIRMING: Goji berry fruit extract (DC Instalift™) in Day Lift anti-aging face cream is a natural source of polysaccharides that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and improve skin firmness by up to 27% in just 1 hour.
    3. WRINKLE CREAM: Target wrinkles with Matrixyl® Morphomics™, which is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of vertical lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, and marionette lines by 14% to 49%.
    4. DEEP MOISTURE: Squalane is paired with all-natural apple fruit extract, sodium hyaluronate, and vitamin E to provide lasting hydration to deep epidermal layers.
      1. Improved skin firmness by 26% after 1 hour
      2. Increase in hydration by 88% in 30 minutes.
      1. Less visible Marionette Lines by 14%
      2. Less visible Frown Lines by 21%
      3. Less visible Nasogenian Fold by 12%
      4. Crow’s Feet Wrinkle surface reduction up to 49%
  • During the aging process, collagen production slows down, which often results in the most noticeable symptoms of aging – sagging, dull skin and visible facial wrinkles. The CNC Day Lift Anti-Aging Cream is packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids that diminish and reverse signs of aging entirely. The all-natural, vegan formula delivers the instant results that you want with long-term, sustainable benefits that you need for glowing, healthy skin.

    CNC Day Lift is different than other wrinkle cream alternatives because it’s made with a proprietary formula that combines three hero ingredients with clinically proven results. DC Instalift™ Goji Berry Fruit Extract showed a 27% improvement in skin firmness in just 1 hour, thanks to the rich mineral content, natural vitamin C, and polysaccharide components. This revolutionary ingredient works in tandem with increased collagen production under the skin’s surface for visible results.

    Matrixyl® Morphomics™ is an award-winning ingredient that is clinically proven to fill and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It can reduce marionette lines by 14%, fill frown lines by 21%, reduce nasogenian fold visibility by 12%, and even target difficult vertical lines. After 6 weeks, crow’s feet wrinkles were reduced by up to 49%! Matrixyl® Morphomics™ power is amplified with a proprietary blend of 14 essential oils and a mix of high potential extracts.

    After over 45 years of skincare expertise, CNC understands the power of hydration for a quick-absorbing, light, natural face cream. Olive Squalane, Rice Bran extract, and sodium hyaluronate combine with clinically-proven Botanimoist AMS apple extract saccharides, which boost skin hydration by up to 88% in just 30 minutes. Enjoy an instant moisture boost and lasting all-day hydration to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles with the CNC Day Lift Wrinkle Defy Face Cream.

    *Results are clinically validated. All numbers are up to and may differ.