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About Stephie & Joe

After having her first child, Stephie experienced massive skin problems like she has never had before. Frustrated with her newfound symptoms, she searched, tested, and inquired for the best treatments to help bring her skin back to normal. Nothing worked. Even the strongest, most luxurious, and technologically advanced products were unsuccessful.

Completely disheartened by her situation, Stephie decided to take advantage of her medical background and made it her personal mission to create natural skincare products that are truly gentle and effective. She worked closely with Dermatologists, Doctors, Pharmacists, and Herbalists.

The breakthrough came when Stephie discovered adaptive Super Botanics. While traditional skincare formulas address concerns such as dehydration, Stephie's formulas are designed to interpret and respond to an individual’s skin chemistry throughout the day by releasing all-natural actives (ex: replenishment, hydration, protection, and recovery) when skin needs it.

Stephie was able to create innovative and unique natural formulations that had phenomenal results. Not only did her skin get better over time, but eventually, it was completely healed.

Every formula is designed in a way so that each individual’s skin will pull what it needs when it needs it, regardless of skin condition, and perhaps more interestingly, it will improve the skin sustainably.

In 2016 Stephie acquired CNC to combine her unique knowledge with the experience of over 45 years in developing and manufacturing skin care products.

Today Stephie and CNC Botanics are committed to offering the best clean natural skincare products with unique results.