About us

About Stephie & Joe

Stephanie and Joe Ittstein have a wonderful vison that includes developing classic, medium and exclusive lines of skin care products.  Stephanie, whom is an advocate for women’s health and skin, is and always will be committed to selling the BEST PRODUCTS with the MOST BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS from around the world.

From additives such as stem cells and all-natural ingredients, Stephanie and Joe are both extremely committed to excellence, and they stand behind their products 100% - as Stephanie personally uses them daily!

Together, Joe and Stephanie insist their beauty essentials be as natural, pure, fresh, and free of harsh chemicals as possible, without condoning any animal testing.

All skin care products are inspired by Stephanie’s vision, technology, and nature. Each and every product is developed by lead pharmaceutical manufacturers, doctors, and enhanced by advanced biotechnology with some of the most exclusive labs in the United States - causing customers to continue to order and reorder Stephanie and Joe's affordable multi-line skin care products each day. 

Stephie & Joe, LLC constantly strives to provide the absolute best products in the Cosmetics Industry, and are committed to the principles of bringing all natural, high quality cosmetics to people everywhere.